About SLS

Briefly About Us

Server Link System

A modern company

In just about every respect, Server Link System is setting the tone in the IT industry. It’s partly a matter of technology and strategy, but it’s also about our philosophy of what work is all about. Flexibility, responsibility and diversity are the key elements. Together, these turn a job of work into a meaningful occupation that affects someone else’s life or work, sometimes even millions of people’s lives. That’s how we see our role as a 21-century IT company. Are you on board?

Why Server Link System?

Why deal with multiple vendors? Server Link System is here for your all IT needs: including professional services and world wide shipping.

Whether you are a start up or an established fortune 500 company, Server Link System can handle your IT related needs. We have experience in delivering these services since 1997. From the very beginning, we have made the lives of IT Operations, Facilities and Finance professional easier by letting them focus on growing their businesses and not having worry about fulfillment, logistics, or finance challenges.

How we began

Server Link System, a DBA of University Solutions Inc., was formerly established in June 1997 to fulfill the ever-increasing computing needs of Dot-com and Technology companies in the greater Silicon Valley. Here at SLS Networks we never received the e-mail stating that the Dot-com boom is over. While other businesses were cutting back, we here at SLS Networks were increasing our infrastructure as fast as we could.

What we do

Server Link System makes custom servers and deployment programs both in the US and overseas. We customer rage is as vivid as it can be from start ups to established companies going through hyper growth. In addition we provide a one stop shop for all major brand names like IBM, Cisco, Lenovo, Juniper, Microsoft, and Brocade to name a few.

Who works with us

Our customer list includes several companies like Netli and Contendo whom we have helped to expand their global networks by establishing a fulfillment lab, custom logistics and remote smart hands: both companies were acquired by Akamai who we now proudly call our customer and partner. Additionally, customers like Aryaka Networks, Quantcast, Mediamath, InstartLogic, Apple, Marvell Semiconductor, Cisco, Google, SkyHigh, Stackpop, Treato, CD Networks and Actelion Pharmaceuticals are proud to call us as their fulfillment partner.

When it comes to the delivery and fulfillment of built-to-order servers, we stand apart by tailoring a program for our customers to meet their business needs. Whether you need lab space and VPN to remotely administer and prepare your machines for deployment or want to completely outsource the practice to us, we can accommodate all your needs. Our services range from inventory and asset tagging to custom configurations and customs clearance with door to door delivery. All of our servers and racks come with industry leading three year parts, labor warranty and advance replacement abilities.

Customs regulations change often, and every commodity is different, we excel at navigating complicated customs and markets like those in China, Russia, India, Israel and Brazil. Our company has mastered the art of shipping; our servers are available worldwide by offering full door to door logistics.