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SLS Networks has helped clients plan, implement, and manage multi-vendor, industry-standard computing environments for almost 10 years. We have established a solid reputation for wrapping valuable deployment, migration, management, and support services around the procurement of software. Currently, SLS Networks is recognized as a software partner of such leading technology providers as Sophos, HP, Microsoft, Symantec, Altiris, NetIQ, and CA.

SLS Networks provides intelligent, comprehensive counsel from assessment through acquisition to help clients minimize costs and maximize productivity throughout the software life cycle. Our all-inclusive provisioning process fulfills product orders in a timely, cost-efficient, accurate fashion, and we provide valuable consultative and management services in addition to software products. Our clients experience the following benefits when collaborating with SLS Networks for their software needs:

  • Strategic planning provided by our industry-leading consultants
  • Smart management for maximum life cycle value
  • A comprehensive road map for everything from transactions to transitions
  • Superior products from the world’s best software manufacturers

We offers single point-of-contact convenience for clients with software needs, offering expert counsel on not only the appropriate software products to help them achieve their operational goals but also practical assistance with procurement and installation. We eliminate the guesswork and leverage our strategic alliances with our product partners to obtain the best price on software purchases.

SLS Networks is one of the largest national reseller of software products in North America. Our team of experts leverages our integrated, Web-based procurement and management systems to help our clients lower enhance efficiency with the right products while lowering their total cost of ownership (TCO). Our clients obtain the right software for their unique operational needs—at the competitive price they require.