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Security Solutions

SLS Networks offer a premier line of diverse networking and security products and represent key players in Network Security. We understand the complexity of tough new regulatory acts and how they affect businesses.

We help our customers with security audits to access their risks and can then help them design and implement security solutions with Best of Breed technologies and backed by the professional security services available today. Some of the examples of security solutions are anti-virus and anti-spam, intrusion detection and prevention solutions, security policy development, firewalls, high availability, encryption and content filtering etc. We practice System Security, Security Audits, Trusted Endpoint Security, Transit Security, SSL VPNs, IPSEC VPNs, Intrusion Detection Prevention, Firewalls and Network Access Control.

SLS Networks holds premier status with multiple vendors. The status is only extended to partners demonstrating excellence in the design, implementation and support of high end products. Our solutions are identity-driven access management solutions that allows organizations to: Audit user access and resource usage based on user identity Unify multiple disparate identity stores to create a single authoritative source Define new or redefine existing access policies based on user identity rather than IP address Enforce user access policies at the network layer Leverage existing identity stores such as Microsoft Active Directory, SUNOne, Novell directory, and other LDAP and non-LDAP compliant identity repositories Reduce business risk and support compliance efforts such as GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and EU Privacy Directives. Our sphere solutions are low-touch appliances that can be rapidly deployed and seamlessly integrated into the existing network infrastructure.

SLS Networks offer security products in following categories

  • Audit & Compliance
  • Critical Asset Protection
  • Network Level User and Group Separation
  • Consolidating Identities - Access & Enforcement
  • Application Acceleration
  • Identity, Policy & Control
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Switching
  • Management Software
  • Security
  • Routing